Tiny Breasted Teen Helga

Beautiful 22 year old brunette teen Helga has very tiny tits, which measure in at 30A.  Oh and did I mention that she has a lovely hairy pussy as well?  In this We Are Hairy photo set, Helga is wearing a pink top and white skirt, which hides her pink panties and beautiful bush.  Enjoy as this hairy teen strips butt ass naked and moves over to the couch, where she pins her legs behind her head, giving a great close-up shot of her furry pussy.  Anyone up for taking a shot at that pussy?

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Alisa Spreads Hairy Pussy

If you like your women with full out of control hairy pussy, as well as long hairy pits, then you are going to fall in love with 22 year old Alisa from We Are Hairy.   Alisa is alone on her bed, in her pajamas, but she is feeling very horny today.  Slowly this babe peels off her pajamas, giving us our first glimpse of her very hairy pussy.  Enjoy as this brunette lays naked on her sheets in the spread eagle position, with all her body hair on full display.

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Bella Foxx Natural Pussy

Bella Foxx is a beautiful thicker 21 year old coed with a nice rack and natural pussy to match.  Her tits are big and firm, but not super large.  She has a nice amount of weight on her hips that you can really grab onto when fucking her from behind.  Perfect cushion for the pushin.   In this We Are Hairy set, Bella Foxx gives you a personal tour of her natural body.

Natural Bella Foxx

Well Bella Foxx starts this set off with a bang as she hangs out on her bed wearing only her top and panties.  Those panties let us preview exactly the beautiful bush we are about to enjoy.

Bella Foxx Breasts

Off comes her grey top, and Bella Foxx has pulled her big firm breasts out from her red bra.  Beautiful tits on this girl.

Bella Foxx Hairy Pussy

Bella Foxx is topless as she pulls her panties to the side and starts to rub on her sensitive clit that is just begging to get licked and flicked by a man.   What a gorgeous natural pussy on this horny 21 year old.

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Chloe Camilla Exposes Bush

If you like your girls with tan lines, cute faces and a bush waiting for you under her panties, then you are going to really love Chloe Camilla!   This spunky blond 24 year old is super horny and looking to put on a show for you today.   By the end of this We Are Hairy set, you will get a great view of the beautiful bush between Chloe’s legs.   So damn tasty!

Chloe Camilla

Chloe Camilla is super cute with her short blond hair, and bright blue eyes.  She is a flirt as well as she lifts up her skirt to show her panties.

Topless Chloe Camilla

Chloe rips off her top and bra and now is standing topless in the kitchen.  We get a great sideboob shot here.  You can even see a hint of her hairy bush peaking out from her panties!

Chloe Camilla Bush

Butt ass naked now, Chloe Camila spreads her legs so we see she has some meaty pussy lips beneath her bush.  Those lips are prime for some sucking, and would engulf your cock as you pounded away at this spunky natural coed.

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Hairy Coed Margarita

Beautiful hairy coed Margarita is a little pocket rocket.  Standing only 5’3 and 105 lbs, this spunky coed loves having a natural pussy.   She tried shaving once when she was a younger girl as it was the thing to do with her friends, but once she let it grow back it just felt more natural.  And today thanks to We Are Hairy, you get to enjoy the natural beauty that is Margarita’s bush!

Margarita Orange Thong

This small breasted 22 year old pulls down her jean daisy dukes and expoes her thong covered ass cheeks.  Now to see the bush!

Margarita Bush Peaking Out

Margarita turns back around and we see the unshaved bikini line peaking out from the sides of her panties.  Yummy.

Margarita Natural Pussy

Down come the panties and we get to see that natural pussy in all its glory!   Oh Margarita you are one sexy little minx!  And for you fans of girls with hairy bush and small titties, how could you not be rock hard right now?   Who wants to go muff diving?

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Hairy Coed Kristina’s Firm Ass

Who doesn’t love a nice tight firm ass?  Especially when its on a sexy 20 year old with a nice hairy pussy waiting for the victor.  As the they say to the victor goes the spoil.  This small breasted 20 year old Kristina loves having her pussy all natural, so she was happy to find a site that would shoot her with her bush in tact.   And We Are Hairy was more than happy to find this girl and shoot her naked!

Sexy Coed Kristina M

Beautiful coed Kristina M looks cute in her pink top, but its the sheer orange panties that has her hairy pussy peaking through that has my attention.

Kristina Pulls Pubic Hair

Naked coed Kristina M is now in her birthday suit and she is starting to get really turned on as she pulls on her pubic hair.

Kristina Firm Ass

There is that beautiful firm ass that I was talking about.  And you see her natural hairy pussy extends all the way from her clit to her tight asshole.  Saddle up and ride, I know Kristina would love a good hard cock in her pussy right now!

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Hairy Cherry In Black Stockings

Gorgeous teen Cherry is a stunning hairy beauty with a little sultry attitude.  She loves to fuck as often as she can, and really loves when a guy blows his load all over her full bush.   She doesn’t even clean it up right away, she lets it sit there and matte up a little.   In this We Are Hairy set, we find Cherry stripping butt naked, down to only her black stockings.

Hairy Teen Cherry

This girl looks like she has a dirty side in the sack, and from what she says, that is true.  I want to fuck that hairy pussy so badly!

Naked Cherry Ass

Cherry has peeled off her bra and red panties and now has turned her beautiful white ass to the camera.  You can see some hair saying hello!

Cherry Hairy Pussy Closeup

Easy boys!  If you are like me, the sight of this closeup hairy pussy has me ready to pop!   I could munch on those pussy lips for hours on end!  How would you like to saddle up behind that ass and ride that bush doggystyle?

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