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Say hello to the gorgeous but super cute Russian teen Felicia.  This small breasted 20 year old is a model and also a student.  She loves being a bit different, and has always had positive reactions to her hairy pussy from her boyfriends and one night stands.  Today she is eager to show off her thick bush for all of you guys in this We Are Hairy photo set.  That pubic hair is brown and thick, and very impressive for a teen like her.  Wait till she is a mature woman, and that bush is completely out of control!   Felicia is pure cuteness, and extremely fuckable!

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Candy Smith Films Her Bush

Super cute coed Candy Smith is pure sexy.   She has curly brown hair which frames her pretty face perfectly.  Candy has some beautiful perky tits, which measure in at 36B.  In this We Are Hairy photo set, Candy Smith has a video camera in her hand, which she is going to use to film every square inch of her naked natural body.   She hops up on the oak desk with her tits exposed already.  With one hand on the camera, Candy uses her other hand to pull her pink panties aside and starts filming her bush.  Dark and thick, just the way a natural hairy pussy should be!

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Tiffanny Pulls Pubic Hair

29 year old Tiffanny is your classic beautiful hairy goddess.  From her hairy pits down to her full bush, this woman is absolutely all natural, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.  In this We Are Hairy photo set, Tiffanny hikes up her blue skirt and pulls her white panties to the side, letting her hairy pussy breathe.  Enough foreplay!  Get out of those clothes now damn it baby!   Enjoy as Tiffanny stands before you butt ass naked in her birthday suit, running her fingers through her pubic hair.   That is a beautiful bush, and I bet it would look even better full of your cum!

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Hairy Coed Kristina’s Firm Ass

Who doesn’t love a nice tight firm ass?  Especially when its on a sexy 20 year old with a nice hairy pussy waiting for the victor.  As the they say to the victor goes the spoil.  This small breasted 20 year old Kristina loves having her pussy all natural, so she was happy to find a site that would shoot her with her bush in tact.   And We Are Hairy was more than happy to find this girl and shoot her naked!

Sexy Coed Kristina M

Beautiful coed Kristina M looks cute in her pink top, but its the sheer orange panties that has her hairy pussy peaking through that has my attention.

Kristina Pulls Pubic Hair

Naked coed Kristina M is now in her birthday suit and she is starting to get really turned on as she pulls on her pubic hair.

Kristina Firm Ass

There is that beautiful firm ass that I was talking about.  And you see her natural hairy pussy extends all the way from her clit to her tight asshole.  Saddle up and ride, I know Kristina would love a good hard cock in her pussy right now!

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Hairy Cherry In Black Stockings

Gorgeous teen Cherry is a stunning hairy beauty with a little sultry attitude.  She loves to fuck as often as she can, and really loves when a guy blows his load all over her full bush.   She doesn’t even clean it up right away, she lets it sit there and matte up a little.   In this We Are Hairy set, we find Cherry stripping butt naked, down to only her black stockings.

Hairy Teen Cherry

This girl looks like she has a dirty side in the sack, and from what she says, that is true.  I want to fuck that hairy pussy so badly!

Naked Cherry Ass

Cherry has peeled off her bra and red panties and now has turned her beautiful white ass to the camera.  You can see some hair saying hello!

Cherry Hairy Pussy Closeup

Easy boys!  If you are like me, the sight of this closeup hairy pussy has me ready to pop!   I could munch on those pussy lips for hours on end!  How would you like to saddle up behind that ass and ride that bush doggystyle?

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